2013-14 ITG Heroes & Prospect Hockey Box Break

Man, it has been a long time since I’ve made an update on this blog. I figured today would be a good day to get back at it since the first of my Black Friday purchases rolled in from Dave & Adam.

I took a shot on some 2013-14 ITG Heroes & Prospects Hockey. I’ve never opened anything from ITG other than the Heroes & Prospects Baseball that had the Mike Trout autographs in it. However, I’ve always been intrigued by this particular hockey product because you’re getting cards of kids that are years away from the NHL, much like most baseball products today.

The odds on the outside of the box list 10th Anniversary Tribute non-memorabilia insert set at 1:6 packs, 2014 3-D inserts 1:8 packs,  autograph cards 1:7 packs and authentic game-used memorabilia cards at 1:7 packs. There are eighteen 9-card packs per box, so that guarantees 4 hits. Looking at some breaks online, I found that these boxes almost always over-deliver on hits, so that made it even more appealing.

Pretty much all I knew about this product is that Connor McDavid is in it. He’s the favorite to be drafted #1 overall in the 2015 NHL Draft. There are quite a few other highly touted prospects as well as some NHL rookies. It also wouldn’t be an ITG product without some “Heroes” content. There’s plenty of that to go around too.

In the picture below, you’ll see an example of the base card (Connor McDavid), the 10th Anniversary non-memorabilia insert (William Nylander) and the 2014 3-D insert (Chartier and Haydon). I like the design of the base cards. Nothing too busy with a nice picture and the team logo prominently displayed. You can’t really tell from the scan, but the 3-D inserts are really cool. Unfortunately, they only fall 2-3 per box, so it would be a tough set to complete.


I really did well on my hits. When you hit two guys that are on the front of the box, you know you’re doing pretty well. I landed autographs of Jonathan Drouin, Dominic Turgeon and Brycen Martin. Again, I’m not really familiar with most of these guys, but I knew Drouin was on the front of the box. Turns out he’s already in the NHL with Tampa Bay. Hardcore hockey fans are rolling their eyes at me now. I did really well on the memorabilia cards too hitting jumbo jersey pieces of Dillon Fournier and Olivier LeBlanc as well as a dual patch card of Connor McDavid. The McDavid is a gold version, only 10 were made. Couldn’t believe my luck on that hit.


As I saw with most box breaks from this product, I got extra hits. A total of 6 when only 4 were expected based on the odds. I find this product really interesting since I’m not very familiar with most of the players and teams. I definitely want to complete the set. For the price, I think it’s a great deal considering the hits per box and the content.

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