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Blowout 12 Days of Christmas Break – 2008 Topps Chrome Football

December 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Blowout Cards has been running their 12 Days of Christmas promotion for 10 days. You should check it out as there have been some really great deals. The deals on Day #9 were too good for me to pass up. I purchased a box of 2008 Topps Chrome Football for $39.95 and two boxes of 2005-06 Upper Deck Series 2 Retail Hockey for $39.95 each.

Below are the results of my 2008 Topps Chrome Football break. This product is loaded with rookies that are having great seasons this year. Unfortunately, I didn’t pull any great rookies from this box, but I still got some nice stuff. I’m a big fan of the box topper that comes with this product. It’s a nice added bonus after you’ve torn through all of your packs. Here are the highlights:

Autographed Rookie
Eddie Royal

Box Topper
Tom Brady Gold Refractor /199

NFL Dynasties Refractor
Bill Bates /100

Regular Refractors
Chad Henne RC
Adrian Peterson Pro Bowl

Base Rookie
Darren McFadden


Is Topps admitting their 2010 chrome baseball products are flawed?

December 5, 2010 3 comments

If you recall, I posted a picture a couple weeks ago of damaged cards from my 2010 Bowman Chrome Baseball retail box break. The front card on every pack was damaged with a vertical scratch. I opened over a case of these boxes and they were all the same. I mailed the key cards back to Topps for replacement. I was waiting to see how they came back before I sent the rest of the commons.

Well, the cards arrived yesterday and they were all in nice condition. Of course, they all had the chrome curl and centering issues that have plagued Topps chrome products this year. The positive is that they were free of surface scratching and bad edges. They replaced the exact cards that I sent back to them as I sent them in batches of 25 cards or less with an itemized list. If you send more than 25 cards they will replace them randomly.

The interesting thing about this was the letter that Topps sent with the cards, which you can read below. It’s hard to tell from the scan but they highlighted “cards maintain the same errors.” in the second paragraph. Essentially, Topps is admitting that the quality of their chrome cards this year is crap and sending in for a replacement doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be getting a better condition card back. This is the first time I’ve received a letter like this with a replacement shipment. They usually include their form letter with the rules for the damaged card replacement program.

Do you interpret this the same way I do? I’m curious to see if anyone else has received the same letter from Topps and how their replacement experience went. Drop a comment below.

My Friend’s Amazing Topps Chrome Football Value Rack Break

November 17, 2010 Leave a comment

I just got this picture in my email and couldn’t believe it. My buddy Bill presumably stopped at Target or Wal-Mart tonight and bought a single value rack of 2010 Topps Chrome Football. We should all have this luck. Congrats Bill!

2010 Topps Chrome Football Value Rack Break – 5 Racks

October 31, 2010 1 comment

I thought that the 2010 Topps Chrome Baseball case I broke last week would feed the beast until my 2010 Bowman Chrome Baseball cases arrive this week. Wrong, I went out to Wal-Mart this morning in search of 2010 Topps Chrome Football value racks. The first Wal-Mart I hit had plenty, but the orange refractors had obviously been searched. I went to a different Wal-Mart and they had five that showed no signs of searching.

Most of my nice pulls to date on this product have come from the orange refractors so I didn’t want anyone breaking my streak. This break was different, the biggest hit came from the retail packs. There aren’t any odds of the back of the pack for this pull but I can imagine it’s pretty rare in retail. The pull was a Bowman Chrome Refractor of Jimmy Clausen numbered 08/99. There weren’t any other great pulls this time. I did pull an orange refractor of Jahvid Best as well as a base rookie of him, Sam Bradford and Ryan Mathews. Pictures of the better cards below.

Scans from the 2010 Topps Chrome Baseball Case Break

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2010 Topps Chrome Baseball Value Pack Break

October 24, 2010 Leave a comment

I went to Wal-Mart this morning to pick up some random stuff. I had no intention of purchasing cards, I swear, but what kind of person would I be if I didn’t just take a peek at the selection? To date, I’ve not been able to find any substantial amount of 2010 Topps Chrome Baseball value racks. I’d had no problem finding football but baseball had eluded me. There was a full hook this morning so I grabbed four of them.

The offering is exactly the same as the football version. Each rack comes with three retail packs of 2010 Topps Chrome Baseball (4 cards per pack) and one bonus pack of three orange refractors. The price is $8.95 per rack, just like football.

Every break that I’ve read online speaks of the poor quality of Topps Chrome Baseball this year. I can confirm these claims. The first thing I noticed was the curve of the retail packs. All the cards have the familiar chrome curve to them, but worse than usual. Football didn’t seem to have this problem, at least not this bad. The surface defects of the cards I’ve reading about is there too. There are lines, scratches and dimples on the surface of at least half the cards. I can handle refractor lines, they’ve always been around. The scratches and dimples are just poor quality control by Topps. The centering on some of these cards is pretty bad too.

On to more important things, the cards. I think I did really well on the orange refractors. The highlights were Mickey Mantle, Carlos Santana, Starlin Castro, Ike Davis and Joe Mauer. In the retail packs I didn’t fair as well, the highlight was a Stephen Strasburg. I also pulled four refractors and four x-fractors. Check out all of the pictures below as well as the pack odds.

Speaking of the pack odds, I did find my refractor pulls from the retail packs a bit strange. Odds for refractors and x-fractors are 1:3. I pulled four of each in twelve total packs, clearly beating the odds. Purple refractors are 1:12 but I did not receive one of those. I pretty much saw these same rates in the football value packs too.

2010 Topps Chrome Football Value Rack Pack Break

October 16, 2010 Leave a comment

I stopped by Target tonight in search of 2010 Topps Chrome Football value rack packs. I’ve been reading about the great breaks on the forums and it got me excited to go buy some. Luckily, there were three racks left and I snatched them up. There were no shortage of blaster boxes but that wasn’t what I was in search of tonight.

Each value rack pack comes with three 4-card retail packs and one 3-card orange refractor pack. The special orange refractor pack is obviously the allure of these packs. The cost for one of the racks is $8.99. That’s a bargain in my mind.

I’ll list below how many of each type of card I received in the three racks combined. I’ve included scans of the best cards below, I think I did pretty well. I’ve also included a scan of the odds from the back of the rack pack.

Orange Refractors: 9
X-Fractors: 2
Refractors: 2
Bowman Chrome Rookie: 2
Legendary Lineage: 3
Rookie Base: 16
Veteran Base: 11