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Neftali Feliz TTM Success

Date sent: 3/6/09
Date returned: 5/8/09

I started sending TTM autograph requests about three months ago. About a month after I started, in March, I started sending requests to veterans and prospects at their Spring Training sites. I think I sent just over twenty requests and I only got one return. That was from Matt Wieters of the Baltimore Orioles.

This return that came today really shocked me. It’s from Neftali Feliz of the Texas Rangers. I sent this request back in March to Surpise, AZ, the Spring Training site of the Rangers. The request that I received today came from Oklahoma City, OK, the home of Feliz’s current team, the Oklahoma City RedHawks. He must have taken his Spring Training requests with him when he left.

Feliz is ranked as the #10 prospect in all of baseball by Baseball America. He’s off to a slow start in 2009 but remains a tremendous talent. Here is his player page on


2009 SPX Rookie Exchange Cards

May 2, 2009 3 comments

Upper Deck announced the first two 2009 Upper Deck SPX Baseball rookie exchange cards a couple weeks ago and I’ve been meaning to write a post about them since. The two cards announced were Koji Uehara of the Baltimore Orioles and Colby Rasmus of the St. Louis Cardinals.

The player selection starts of well enough but that’s not my problem. My problem is with the autographs. The regular Uehara comes autographed in English while the limited version, numbered to 25, comes autographed in Japanese. I like this idea. The Rasmus is a completely different story. His regular version comes autographed but the limited version comes with an inscription of “Go Redbirds #28”. That’s it! There’s no autograph on the card.

Will collectors really pay a premium for limited version of this card without an autograph? If I were a Rasmus collector I’d actually be upset to receive the limited card. I’d much rather have the autographed version.

You can check out the pictures of the Uehara on Upper Deck’s Facebook page.

David Price vs. Matt Wieters

April 11, 2009 Leave a comment

The much anticipated match-up will happen tonight after being rained out last night. David Price is taking the hill for the Durham Bulls against Matt Wieters and the Norfolk Tides. Price and Wieters are the #1 and #2 prospects in baseball according to Baseball America’s 100 Top Prospects list. Most people around baseball were surprised that both were returned to AAA at the end of spring training.

Both players have some very high priced cards out there on the market. Price’s cards were hot last season as he was the #1 ranked prospect and having a great season in the minors. They got even hotter after his great performance for the Rays in the playoffs. Wieters’ cards have been pricey for a while and haven’t moved any since being sent back to AAA. It’s just a matter of time before both are playing against each other in the AL East.

GAME UPDATE 1: 2-0 Norfolk in the top of the third. Nolan Reimold hit a 2-run HR in the 2nd.

GAME UPDATE 2: Price leaves the game with Durham up 3-2. His final line: 3.2 IP, 4 H, 2 ER, 2 BB, 4 K, 4.91 ERA

Against Price
Wieters 1st AB: stuck out looking on three pitches.
Wieters 2nd AB: walked after fouling off 8 pitches.

After Price Departed
Wieters 3rd AB: reached on fielding error.
Wieters 4th AB: struck out.
Wieters 5th AB: flew out to right.

Don Larsen TTM Success

April 10, 2009 Leave a comment

Date sent: 3/11/09
Date returned: 4/2/09

This is another example of a request I sent off where the player charges a fee for his autograph. So, as with the Johnny Bench request, I sent Don Larsen his rookie card, a 1954 Bowman. As I said before, I feel that it’s safer to send more valuable items when a player charges for his autograph. Don Larsen only charges $7 to sign a card.

I was thinking it would be nice to have the famous photo of Larsen and Berra after the ’56 World Series perfect game signed too. I will purchase one of those on eBay soon and send that off. My first priority is always to get a rookie card signed, when possible and affordable.

It’s amazing how cheap you can pick up some great vintage rookie cards on eBay if you’re not too concerned about condition. I think I only paid about $7 before shipping for this Larsen. It has a crease but I don’t really care about that if I’m only getting it for an autograph.

Spring Training TTM Success

March 31, 2009 Leave a comment

Date sent: 3/2/09
Date returned: 3/26/09

I’ve sent 20 total requests to spring training sites and this is the only one that I’ve received back. The majority of my requests were sent to prospects, with only a few to established veterans. I guess I don’t feel too bad as most members at are reporting the same lack of success for spring training requests.

Of all the prospect requests that I sent, this would be the one that that I wanted to get back the most. Matt Wieters is rated by most as the top prospect in all of baseball. The Orioles sent him back to AAA last week but you can be sure he won’t stay there long.

Wieters doesn’t have too many cheap cards so I decided to purchase a Razor rookie on ebay for a couple bucks and send that. I think you have to send out your requests with the mindset that you’re not going to get them back. That way you won’t send anything too valuable and won’t end up being too disappointed if your request never comes back.