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2015 Panini Prizm Draft Picks Football 3-Box Break

Blowout Cards (www.blowoutcards.com) had these boxes on sale last week for $15.16 per box (limit 3). At that price, I figured what the heck. They have two autographs and 6 prizm cards per box. Even after paying shipping, it was still cheaper than buying 3 blaster boxes of something at Wal-Mart or Target.

I’ve always enjoyed Prizm products. However, I’d never buy them at full price. You can typically get a steep discount a year from release, except maybe on some years of basketball. The products are always loaded with numbered cards, parallels and at least an auto per box. That even goes for many of their retail boxes through the years.

Let’s see how we did on our three boxes.




Well, you can’t win them all. It was cool that we pulled so many low numbered prizm cards. The two tie dyed are numbered /49, the blue is /75, the purple is /99 and the two camo are /199. This is what I was saying I love about Prizm. A non-autographed low numbered prizm can really save a break. That didn’t happen here, but player collectors will pay good money for the right player.

The other thing I enjoy about this set is the NFL players in their NCAA uniforms. I know that doesn’t appeal to everyone, but I enjoy it. There’s plenty of that in this set if you’re into it. It’s a whopping 250-card set with at least half of the cards being NFL players. The other half being players from the 2015 Draft.

The downside to this product is that the insert sets are huge, one of them (Stained Glass) being 100 cards. Those are one per box, so it’s not realistic for the average person to put a master set of this together from breaking boxes/cases. Even putting a base set together would take 6 boxes worth of base and hope for perfect collation.

Overall, I dig this product for the price. Anything over $15 to $20 per box, I wouldn’t touch it.

UPDATE (5/11/16): The Kam Chancellor tie dyed prizm sold for $16.50 on eBay via best offer, so that paid for one of the boxes alone. I sent all the other cards pictured into COMC with a recent submission, so it will be a bit for I sell any of those.

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