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2012 Topps Baseball – Let the Gold Rush Begin!

I love Topps Series 1. It comes at a time when spring training is almost here and collectors are starving for a new baseball product. I’m sure by now some of you have found it at retail. Some may already have their hobby shipments as well. Since I live in Arizona, no luck on either front. My HTA jumbo cases will not arrive until Thursday.

If you’ve been keeping up with Twitter, you know all of the gimmicks that are in Series 1. The Rally Squirrel card has garnered the most attention, but there are many other very cool short-prints in this year’s product. The folks over at Cardboard Connection did a great job of compiling all of them on one handy page. It looks like the Albert Pujols Angels SSP and Jose Reyes Marlins SSP are going to be very tough to hit.

I have 10 jumbo cases arriving Thursday. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need sealed boxes, sets, singles or wrappers. You can reach me through Twitter (@boxesofcards) or email me (jhartman76_at_gmail.com). I’ll be updating this blog and Twitter as I start breaking.

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