2011 Bowman Draft Hobby Case Break

This post should be titled “How to pull a Superfractor, Printing Plate and Red Refractor from a 2011 Bowman Draft case and still lose money.” That being said, I don’t think I’ll lose that much money on the case because I got a good deal. However, the hits aren’t going to pay for this case. I’ll have to grind it out with complete sets and base player lots.

I will also mention that I was shorted an autograph in this case. One box had nothing. You’re supposed to receive 12 prospect autographs and at least one extra USA or Aflac autograph. As you’ll see from the scans below, I have 12 total autographs.

My big hits, as I mentioned before, were a Superfractor (Andrew Brown), printing plate (Madison Boer) and a red refractor (Lance Jeffries). It’s just too bad that I didn’t pull better players. I got a gold refractor autograph (Tyler Goeddel), blue USA autograph (Carson Sands), three refractor autographs (Archie Bradley, Kolten Wong and Brandon Martin) and seven base autographs (Archie Bradley, Kolten Wong, Robert Stephenson, Sonny Gray, Travis Harrison, Kevin Matthews and Brandon Martin). I did have some luck with the non-autographed colored refractors as you’ll see below.

This is the first superfractor that I’ve ever pulled. All the 1/1’s I’ve pulled to date have been printing plates. It really is quite a thrill to hold one for the first time, even though it is some guy named Andrew Brown. Apologies to Andrew Brown.

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