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My 10 Favorite Card Purchases of 2011: Number 3

Card #3 on the list could end up being one of those iconic cards when all is said and done. It’s a 2011 Bowman #BP1 Bryce Harper Prospects Autograph graded PSA 10. This is Harper’s first certified autograph in his Washington Nationals uniform. Topps has cashed in on the Harper craze with lots of different autographed cards in 2011, but this will always be his first.

What else needs to be said about Harper at this point? He cruised through A and AA this season. He had a great month in the Arizona Fall League, which I saw him play in several times. To top it off, National officials were quoted as saying he will make the club out of spring training. This guy is the real deal and a great investment. If someone asked me what player would be the most solid investment to pay off in the next year, I would say Bryce Harper hands down. The Nats fast tracked him to the majors by moving him from catcher to outfield, his bat is doing the rest. I would not be surprised at all if he’s in the Nats’ Opening Day lineup.

If you’re going to purchase a copy of this particular card, I’d go with PSA graded versions. It seems that Harper used a bad pen when signing these, so it’s very hard to find copies that have a nice dark autograph. Most are streaked. BGS copies have 8 or 9 autograph grades most of the time, thus detracting from their value. I personally think the autograph grade is a crock and a money grab by Beckett, but some people like it. If you can find a gem mint BGS copy with a 10 autograph grade, it will command a premium.

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