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My 10 Favorite Card Purchases of 2011: Number 1

Card #1 on my list is a card that I’ve always wanted to add to my collection. When you think of iconic players in the history of baseball, who is more iconic than Babe Ruth? There’s plenty of stuff to choose from in the game used market from Ruth, but the first place I always think to look is Topps Triple Threads. The card here is his 2011 Topps Triple Threads Game Used Bat Unity Relic. I joined a group break on Blowout Cards earlier in the year and was lucky enough to get this from one of my slots.

We can debate all day long whether or not the piece of bat in this card was actually held and used by Babe Ruth. Topps certainly adds fuel to that fire with their “This piece of memorabilia is not from any particular game, event or season” message on the backs of their cards. My gut feeling is that it’s just another piece of wood, but a small piece of me hopes that’s not the case. I would really hope it’s not the case in a product that costs $180 per box. Especially when that box only has two packs and twelve total cards.

At any rate, I love adding this card to my collection and will always hold out hope that the tiny piece of wood in this card was from a bat that Babe Ruth used to crush one of his 714 career home runs.

  1. Max
    January 11, 2012 at 7:38 pm

    That certainly is a sweet card, my father pulled a Ruth Bat card out of a pack of ’05 Absolute Memorabilia way back when, I’m with you, I’d like to think it’s all from a bat that the Babe used to crank one of his homeruns, but who knows, that’s why I personally collect more autographs than anything else.

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