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My 10 Favorite Card Purchases of 2011: Number 10

This list is always fun to put together. It’s also very challenging to put together because I wait until the last minute and have to remember if I made the purchase in 2011. This could lead to a New
Years resolution of getting more organized. I will preface this list by saying that a few of my favorite purchases of 2011 are at BGS being graded right now. I will not mention them in this list since they’re not currently in my possession. Who knows, they may not be favorite purchases if they don’t come back with good grades. I’ll post the results of that submission when it arrives in a couple weeks.

#10 on this list is a 2010 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Jurickson Profar Franchise Futures autograph /390 graded PSA 10. I didn’t go back and look, but this may have been the earliest purchased card of 2011 that made the list. EEE usually hits the streets in December, so I’m sure that I purchased in January or February. For me, I always prefer a gem mint copy of an EEE rookie over a Bowman Chrome rookie. I know the EEE value is going to be less, but they’re so much harder to get a gem mint grade on. The cards are typically numbered much lower as well. For these reasons, I had to have this card.

Profar is an elite shortstop prospect in the Texas Rangers organization. Baseball America doesn’t release their Rangers Top 10 prospects list until January 30th. When they do, I’m certain that Profar is going to be #1. Martin Perez got the honors in their 2011 list.

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