Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is my favorite holiday of the year. It’s filled with family, great food and NFL on TV all day long. What more could you want? I hope that everyone who reads this blog has a great day!

BLACK FRIDAY is tomorrow. There will be some great deals available online from several dealers. Here are all the sales that I know of listed below.

Blowout Cards Their sales starts at 6:00AM EST. They always have great prices, but you have to be very quick. Their site gets crushed on Black Friday.

Dave & Adam’s Their sale starts at midnight. From my experience, D&A gets less traffic on Black Friday and their sale prices are available longer than on Blowout. Not sure if it’s that they take longer to sell out or if they have more quantity available. Probably a mix of both.

Atlanta Sports Cards Their sale starts at 6AM EST. I have no experience with their Black Friday sale, but I know their prices are some of the best on the web throughout the year.

Topps Company Topps will be selling baseball factory sets Buy 1 Get 1 Free. They will also have one special per day plus 20-30% off everything on their site. Granted, everything is retail, but there should still be some worthwhile deals.

Basecall Card Exchange 10% off a single item $50 or more plus free shipping.

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