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2011 Bowman Chrome Baseball 2-box break

Wow. It’s been a really long time since I’ve posted to this blog. Sorry for the absence. I hope to get back at this and update much more frequently.

The reason I felt compelled to blog today was because of my 2-box break of 2011 Bowman Chrome Baseball. I went to my LCS, Showtime Sports Cards, in Tempe, AZ this afternoon because I needed supplies. My mission was to get 660 ct. boxes and 5,000 ct. monster boxes. I succeeded in that mission, but also made my way out of the shop with the boxes of Bowman Chrome.

The only Bowman Chrome I’ve opened to date has been from the retail Value Boxes that Topps put out a couple weeks ago. They come with 5 retail packs of Topps Update, 1 hobby pack of Bowman Chrome, 1 Diamond Giveaway code card and a special Bryce Harper red, silver or gold card. I’ve opened about 20 of those and have had some luck. I pulled a Matt Moore base autograph along with a couple other lower tier base autographs. I’ve pulled two gold Harper’s as well. The retail Topps Update packs have even yielded an autograph, a few jersey cards and a couple hope diamond parallels.

Anyway, as you’ll see below, I’m very happy with my 2-box break. Not pictured are a blue refractor of Johnny Cueto, a base prospect refractor of Chris Carpenter, 10 base refractors (most notable was Albert Pujols), the standard allotment of Throwback, Bowman Future and Bowman’s Best and a couple Brett Lawrie base prospects.

2011 Bowman Chrome Baseball Box Break

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