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2010 Bowman Platinum 6-box case break

If you read this blog often enough, you know that I’ve had pretty good luck with 2010 Bowman Platinum retail this year. The highlights have been a Jonathan Singleton blue refractor autograph and a David Wright, Mike Moustakas and Josh Vitters triple autograph.

I figured since I’ve had such good luck with retail that I’d venture into hobby. I bought this 6-box half case from Blowout Cards. Each box is guaranteed two chrome prospect autographs, a patch autograph and a redemption for an additional chrome prospect autograph.


I was able to complete two sets from this case. Sets consist of 100 base veteran and rookie cards, 30 chrome prospect cards and 20 Team USA chrome cards. I also have 3 additional sets each of the chrome prospects and Team USA cards. The base cards are where I came up short of completing more sets.

The refractors were really disappointing. I only pulled regular and green chrome refractors and regular and gold thick refractors. The lowest numbering of any of those is /499. The best refractor (most valuable) I pulled was a regular thick refractor of Buster Posey.

These were disappointing as well. Everything I pulled was a refractor autograph – no color at all. The best two autographs were both Miguel Sano. The last two boxes in the case were identical in terms of autographs, hence the two Sano’s.

I only pulled five of these. That’s right, the last box in the case was missing the patch autograph. I alerted Topps and they responded on Wednesday, 3/9 to say would a replacement. The highlight from my five pulls was a redemption for a Jason Heyward multi-color refractor patch autograph. If you know anything about this product you know that the multi-color patch refractor autographs are not multi-color.

Unfortunately, my experience with these was similar to most I’ve seen. Of the six redemption cards, five of them yielded Mauricio Robles. The other one was a Kyle Wieland.


Overall, I was really disappointed with this case. The lack of color was very surprising to me based on the other breaks I’ve seen on various forums. The missing hit was not a surprise. The horrible results of the redemption autographs were not a surprise. I can only hope that Topps will send me something nice for my missing hit.

Even though this review has been mostly negative, I love this product. The break was really fun. I love the design of these cards and the selection of players. You have all the good rookies from last year, the key veterans, up and coming prospects and Team USA. The autographs are also a nice mixture of Team USA, prospects, rookies and veterans. Even though my experience with this case wasn’t very positive, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase another.

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