Christian Colon PC eBay purchase

After pulling the Bryce Harper 2010 Bowman Chrome Wrapper Redemption USA Autograph a few weeks back, I knew I would have to get the Christian Colon for my PC. I picked one up last week for just over $70, far less than a Bryce Harper sells for. In fact, you could buy 20 Christian Colon’s, or 1/5th of all Colon’s, for the price of a Harper. Not that I’m comparing Colon to Harper in any way. I’m just saying.

The card is in nice shape, decently centered and the autograph, to me, stands out far better than the one on the Harper card. I’m thrilled to have this card in my collection. I have lower numbered Colon cards, but this one will be far more valuable than any Upper Deck USA issue in the long run.

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