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2010-11 Upper Deck Hockey Series 2 Blaster Break

I’d seen some pretty good breaks from this stuff on the forums. I know from opening plenty of Upper Deck hockey blasters in the past that all you can really hope for are Young Guns and Heroes header and art cards. Sure, you can pull jersey cards, but those are largely worthless these days. It seems Upper Deck has followed Topps’ lead and added more valuable inserts to their retail products this year from the breaks I’ve seen. The other cool aspect to these boxes are the 20th Anniversary cards and the Victory Update cards.

Anyway, on to the goods. The first pack I opened yielded the Bobby Orr Heroes header card. I knew anything from this point on was gravy as the header card always sells for over $20. The rest of the blaster didn’t yield anything nearly as valuable, but I got the two expected Young Guns and two 20th Anniversary cards.

I like this product. There’s plenty of variety and two different brands in the same box. I’d buy another one of these for $20. The two Young Guns rookies and the two 20th Anniversary cards make this a fun break that I feel is worth the price tag.

One note on the 20th Anniversary cards, the stock is VERY thin. Not sure what Upper Deck was thinking there.

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