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I broke 2011 Topps Baseball retail all weekend long

I know, why buy retail? Well, I started buying it on Saturday and didn’t stop until today. I didn’t stop because I was determined to get a diamond sparkle card. The following is the list of what I purchased over the last two days and how much I paid.

2 – Blasters – $40
3 – 72-card hangar packs – $30
6 – Rack packs – $30
6 – 4-pack + code card hangar packs – $48

The total damage was $148 before tax. I’m sure I can put together a base set, but haven’t gotten around to putting cards in order. I’ve also got a load of insert cards, including blue sapphire and red ruby Target and Wal-Mart exclusive inserts and two jersey cards. I didn’t pull any autographed cards. I’ve also got a small stack of Wal-Mart black parallels. Oh, and I also finally pulled a Pedro Alvarez base card for my PC.

Did I get a diamond sparkle card? Yes. I got it in the very last pack I opened in all of the stuff listed above. I had pretty much lost hope at that point, so it was pretty exciting to see Joey Votto’s helmet sparkling.

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