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2011 Topps 72-card Retail Jumbo Break

I stopped by Wal-Mart this morning for a couple things and had to look at the cards, of course. I was specifically wanting to pick up some 2011 Topps as I haven’t opened much yet this year. They had blasters, rack, loose packs and these 72-card jumbo packs. These must be new for 2011 as I’ve never seen them before. I’m assuming they take the place of the cereal boxes from years past, except with more cards. I ended up going with two of these instead of a blaster. I always had luck in the past pulling SP cards from the cereal boxes so I decided to see if it would hold true with these.

Each one of these jumbos comes with a Diamond Giveaway code card and a retail exclusive sapphire blue insert card. I’m not sure if the sapphire blue’s are a Wal-Mart exclusive or not. The card numbers start with a W, so my assumption is that they are. Each box also had 1 of each of the following inserts – 60 Years of Topps, Diamond Duos, Lost Cards, Topps 60, ToppsTown and Diamond Anniversary. I also received one gold card.

To be honest with you, all I really wanted to get from these packs was a Pedro Alvarez gold card. I still don’t have his base and I’ve been watching auctions on eBay for his black bordered card. I couldn’t believe my luck when the only gold card I pulled was Pedro Alvarez. Sure, the card is only worth a couple bucks, but it’s a card that I really wanted. The nice bonus I got from these packs was the Adrian Gonzalez Boston Red Sox SP card, so my streak continues. The picture below shows both hits plus the sapphire blue cards.

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