Upcoming Breaks

I’ve purchased a few unopened items recently that I’ll be breaking and posting results here. As you’ve seen today, I broke quite a bit of retail over the weekend. I’m not opposed to breaking retail, provided it can be obtained for the right price. I paid full retail for everything I broke this weekend, but I don’t make a practice of that. When I buy retail, I tend to buy products 2-3 years old for 25-50% of original SRP. There are some nice profits to be had out there when breaking retail at a fraction of the original price. The following are the items I’ve purchased and the reason I purchased them.

2008-09 Topps Chrome Basketball Retail Blaster Case (16) – There are four reasons for purchasing this case… Derrick Rose, Eric Gordon, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Love. All of their rookie cards appear in this product. I know one thing after seeing quite a few blaster breaks from this product, it’s loaded with refractors. Xfractors in 2008-09 were a retail exclusive and hit at 1.5 per blaster. You also get at least one orange refractor and a couple regular refractors. These are too hard to pass up considering you can pick them up for between $15-20 per blaster.

2008-09 Topps Basketball HTA Jumbo Case (6) – I purchased this for the same reasons stated above, Derrick Rose, Eric Gordon, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Love. There’s also the allure of the rookie photo shoot autograph cards and the McDonald’s HS All-American autographs.

2009 Upper Deck Signature Stars Baseball Hobby Box (3 boxes) – Blowout Cards had these on sale this weekend for $45 per box. This product gives you the best chance at a Bryce Harper autographed card at the cheapest price. What’s not to like there?

2008-09 Topps Basketball Hobby Box (1 box) – I added this to my order with Blowout Cards to get over the $150 free shipping threshold. The reasons for purchase are stated above with the jumbo case.

On the horizon – I’ll be purchasing at least one jumbo case of 2011 Topps Baseball and 2011 Bowman Baseball. As always, you’ll see the results of everything I break right here.

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