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2010 Topps Magic Football Blaster Break

My last retail break of the weekend was a blaster of 2010 Topps Magic Football from Target for $19.99. I was motivated to buy this after I’d seen some really great blaster breaks on the Blowout Cards Forums over the last couple weeks.

I really like the design of these cards this year. I’m not much for painted photos on cards, but I can look past that because of the great simple design of these. Each blaster comes with 8 6-card packs, with one of the cards in each pack being a mini.

I didn’t fare so well with this blaster. I’m not sure what the short-prints are in the product yet, but I suspect all of the retired players are. If that’s the case, I ended up with a Roger Staubach, Marcus Allen and a John Elway mini. The best of the 8 rookies that I got was a Tim Tebow. I also ended up with a mini black rookie of Zac Robinson. I’m a fan of these cards even though my break left a lot to be desired.

EDIT: I found the short-print checklist on Beckett Blog. Turns out, Staubach and Allen are not short-print cards. I got short-prints of Brandon Marshall, Clinton Portis and a Wes Welker mini.

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