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2010 Donruss Basketball Rack Pack Break

I haven’t purchased any cards at Target or Wal-Mart in over a month. I got the urge to buy some new product the last few days so I splurged on a few items.

The first one I’m posting is 2010 Donruss Basketball. I picked up two rack packs, which are $5.98 each at Wal-Mart. Each rack pack comes with 40 cards. If you’re looking for rookies, each rack comes with 4. The rookie cards use the classic Donruss Rated Rookie logo.

The cards are glossy on the front and cardboard on the back. Each card has a silver foil Donruss logo on the in the lower right corner of the card. To be honest, the cards look and feel cheap to me. The one positive, in my opinion, is the classic Donruss Baseball look on the back of the card. I like the backs and the Rookie Rookie logo, not much else to like here.

I got a few good cards out of my two racks, a Dwayne Wade Production Line jersey card numbered /399, a Kevin Durant die-cut Production Line insert with a green foil Donruss logo (not numbered) and a Lebron James Production Line Prism insert (not numbered). I ended up with 9 rookies because I got one die-cut rookie parallel.

Overall, I’d say this is a nice product for a young basketball collector. I haven’t seen the base Panini basketball product this year, but last year I bought some and didn’t care for the design or quality of the cards at all. If the 2010 base Panini Basketball is anything like the 2009 set, I’d buy Donruss instead.

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