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2010 Topps Chrome Football Value Rack Pack Break

I stopped by Target tonight in search of 2010 Topps Chrome Football value rack packs. I’ve been reading about the great breaks on the forums and it got me excited to go buy some. Luckily, there were three racks left and I snatched them up. There were no shortage of blaster boxes but that wasn’t what I was in search of tonight.

Each value rack pack comes with three 4-card retail packs and one 3-card orange refractor pack. The special orange refractor pack is obviously the allure of these packs. The cost for one of the racks is $8.99. That’s a bargain in my mind.

I’ll list below how many of each type of card I received in the three racks combined. I’ve included scans of the best cards below, I think I did pretty well. I’ve also included a scan of the odds from the back of the rack pack.

Orange Refractors: 9
X-Fractors: 2
Refractors: 2
Bowman Chrome Rookie: 2
Legendary Lineage: 3
Rookie Base: 16
Veteran Base: 11

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