HYPE! Simeon Varlamov

I will start off this post by stating that I am a Washington Capitals fan. I’m a season ticket holder and I will be at Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals tonight in DC.

That said, I cannot believe the prices that Simeon Varlamov cards are commanding on eBay. The kid is off to a great start but came crashing back down to earth last night in Pittsburgh. I hope that it was just a bad night and he’ll rebound with a victory tonight.

For those that know Capitals history, you know the misery that the Pittsburgh Penguins have caused this franchise in the past. You may also recall another Washington Capital phenom goalie named Jim “Ace” Carey. Long story short, he was a goalie for the Capitals in 1995 and 1996 that had two fantastic regular seasons, only to come crashing back down to earth in the playoffs twice against the Penguins. He was never the same again.

Am I saying this will be Varlamov’s fate? Not at all. I really think this kid is the real deal. I think last night was hiccup and he’ll rebound tonight with a victory.

I know one thing for sure, if he doesn’t, you won’t see cards of his like the one pictured above topping the $200 mark for much longer.

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