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2009 Topps Heritage Blaster Break

I’ve waited far too long to open my first packs of 2009 Topps Heritage Baseball. It wasn’t by choice, I just couldn’t find any blasters locally. I was really excited when I found them at my local Target the other night. The design of this product is fantastic. The 1960 Topps set is my favorite card design of all time. I started putting together a set of it around the age of 12. I still haven’t finished it but it’s about 75% complete. The 2009 Topps Heritage set will be far easier and cheaper to complete than my 1960 Topps set.

I’ve read reviews of breaks on other blogs and one of the common complaints was the lack of “hits” in this set. I’d have to say that I have the same opinion. I did get two chrome cards, one was a refractor. I also ended up with three short-print cards. There were a few insert cards in the box as well (not pictured). The lack of “hits” comment doesn’t relate to my specific box, just the set in general. I don’t think the possible “hits” are all that impressive. That said, I think the fantastic design more than makes up for this.

Would I purchase another blaster? Possibly. I’m debating whether I should purchase boxes and blasters until I complete a set or just purchase a set outright on eBay. Purchasing it on eBay would be cheaper than putting it together myself but far less fun.

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